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The Art and Artisans group is affiliated to Global Challenges Forum and The United Nations Institute for Training and Research. We have put into process several activities across India.  Our activities fulfil several Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S)

priyanshi jhaveri
  • Hold paid workshops in schools and colleges by Artisans across India.

  • Exhibit Art shows across India with artisans and artists. We intend to give importance to responsible art production, for example, using biodegradable products to make artworks across India to help the spread of traditional Indian handiwork. This will also help the spread of knowledge for consumer awareness.


  • Hold online webinars which serve as monthly training programs towards artistic skills and the arts for mental health. This helps individuals to combat health issues which results in good health and well-being for all.

  • Host online art competitions for students and art competitions for artisans with meaningful themes across India; such as the importance of climate change, environmental and wildlife protection etc. This will enable the spread of knowledge and awareness of these pressing issues.


  • Enroll people for practical art workshops online given by artists and artisans with importance given to reusing materials, recycling materials and waste management which will provide quality education to individuals and students across educational institutions in India.

  • Artisans will get to hold practical workshops with us as mediators in schools and colleges across India. This will help the spread of Art knowledge and skills among the youth. It will also help build a platform that will revive traditional Indian Art and provide decent work and economic growth for the artisans.



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