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Priyanshi is an Indian artist who engages in narratives themed around Abjection. Her work intertwines with the polarity of the material and the subject. It is the ambiguous liminal space of jouissance and horror.

She received her Postgraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Arts, London, 2019 and her Undergraduate degree in the same from Surat School of Fine Arts,2017. 

She critiques human behaviour drawing the surrounding to generate a narrative which shows the vehemence and an ambivalent state, that she had witnessed and felt, that is somehow universal. She creates imageries that tend to objectify human bodies and its fragments that are subjecting to the violence. The purpose of her work is the narration of emotions through the exploration of the possibilities of the medium. Her practice has evolved with the process of making with a range of media like sketchbooks, textiles, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, photography and installation.


She has curated and participated in various group shows in London and India. She interned at London Art Fair 2018. She also received BA Hons Bharatnatyam in 2010. She also had her line of handmade tote bags. She has been conducting arts and crafts workshops in London and continues working with the kids in India as well.


Currently, she is living and working in Surat, India as an independent artist, designer and art tutor and continuing her research practice in Abject art.


To know more about Priyanshi Jhaveri and her artworks  visit her website

Instagram: @priyanshi.jhaveri

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