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A Gurgaon based artist who is a trained draughtsman and painter from

The Florence Academy of Art, Italy. Before pursuing his career in Fine Arts he completed his foundation in Fashion Media & Communication from Pearl Academy, Delhi and finished off his schooling from The Shri Ram School Moulsari.

Fine art and design are the two elements which he believes goes hand in hand and in his way of living as a result it trickles down in all of his creations. For the past few years, he has dedicated his time and energy on developing and polishing his skills under the light of the old masters and new in Italy, Sweden and USA.


He also has designed his own line of artisanal travel products along with hand-embroidered cashmere stoles inspired from his artworks. He was recognised by the All India Fine Art and Craft Society by winning a national award at All India Art Exhibition 2019 for his artwork ‘Nico’.


Currently, his practice has evolved more out of just drawing and painting from life and is amalgamating together the reality in front of him which gets deeply observed and expressed through elements of reverie. He is fascinated with capturing more of a spiritual element of personalities and objects around him by collaborating the lifelike elements with abstraction to form an eloquent language. 


To know more about Sparsh and his artworks visit his website

Instagram: @__sparshgupta__

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